The Sentinel, Leeuwen Street, Cape Town

The Sentinel is an 18 storey Residential development with 96 apartments and 820 m² of commercial space on the lower and upper ground floors, in the heart of Cape Town.

Monet’s Restaurant, Fancourt Golf Estate

Situated within the main Hotel wing , the current Morning Glory restaurant transformed into a family friendly “Deli” style restaurant.

Woodstock Quarter, Victoria Road, Woodstock

Architectural Design and Interior of a new mixed-use development at the gateway to Woodstock.

The Quadrant, Wilderness Road, Claremont

2 Duplex Penthouses combined into 1 large Luxury 4-bedroom Penthouse with separate study, large living space, kitchen and laundry facilities as well as two private roof top terraces.

Urmarah Close, Constantia

This 70’ties styled home, was beautifully proportioned but required an addition and refurbishment to suit the clients growing family needs.

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as an architect you design for the present, with awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.

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