Flexihuis Flatpack Housing Concept

Flat pack modular housing units designed to be built in component form in South Africa for Sweden. Suitable to be transported to remote places e.g. Island of Visby, where logistics makes access for conventional building materials and construction methods challenging.

A Sustainable, ergonomic and modular solution was developed and designed together with MH&A Engineers and Wolfpack. The housing units use minimum power with assistance of a heat pump. The emphasis is on use of materials and detailing to achieve excellent thermal comfort suitable for extreme cold climates. The structure is based on a steel framework and modular panels, all purpose-made, with electrical and plumbing requirements built-in to each panel.

They can be erected to interlink in a single or double storey housing scheme. The configuration allows the flat roof of the lower floor to provide an outdoor deck for the upper floor and in reverse a covered outdoor area for the lower floor.

The houses have an aesthetically pleasing outward appearance – clean lines and minimalist. Orientation is significant as well as the positioning of fenestration. The panels are sufficiently insulated to feel like solid masonry walls and are detailed to be finished with timber or factory coated metal sheeting on the exterior and drywall on the interior. The design of each panel is determined by the internal dimensions of a shipping container so that they can be packed flat together with the steel frame for transport overseas.

Photo Credit: 3D images by Construct Media

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